NY 1: Increase in unannounced metal detector screenings coming to some schools, mayor says

by Jony


After school safety agents recovered five guns from students last week, the city will increase the use of unannounced metal detector screenings at schools around the city.

“We know there’s some schools where there’s been some real issues lately, and we need to make sure we’re adding extra protection, to make sure there’s never violence, never at any instant, or a child is harmed,” de Blasio said at his daily press briefing.

The city has permanent metal detectors at some schools, and uses roving metal detectors to randomly screen at others. Last week, random scanning turned up a gun that was being carried by a 15-year-old boy at Mott Haven High School in the Bronx. The same week, an unloaded revolver was taken from an 18-year-old at the Stevenson Campus in the Bronx, which has full-time metal detector scanning. In at least one of the gun incidents last week, the weapon was confiscated after being spotted in a student’s waistband inside the school building.

“Unannounced scanning as a tool, it’s been very successful,” de Blasio said, using the DOE’s terminology for the unannounced use of the metal detectors. “We’ll be doing that at some schools where it would be particularly helpful.”

Watch the full story at https://www.ny1.com/nyc/bronx/education/2021/10/25/school-safety

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